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Related article: FARMI knew it was gonna be one of those days when i started out. 5:30 in the
afternoon, in the middle of Iowa, my car has to overheat. And of course, do i
have water, no.... Hmmmph. Well, i guess i'll just have to sit and wait until
i can drive for help.
Well, i hadnt been there long when an old truck drove by, and promptly stopped
and backed up, offering help. Out stepped a young man, age 19 or so, wearing
only a pair of tight faded jeans, and nothing more, not even shoes. Being a
farm worker, and staying outdoors, he was well tanned, and very muscular. He
walked up to me.
-----"You need some help?"
"Uh yeah, i seem to have overheated"
-----"Uh huh, yeah, preteen lolitas, lolitas world happens all the time"
"I could guess as much, i shoulda known not to drive the Vette"
-----"Yeah, dem sports cars dont fare too well in this heat"
"Yeah, i know, im a stoopid fuck sometimes"
He smiled when i said that. He was a charming sort, he stood there flexing his
huge pecks, not noticing that it was making me horny. He seemed oblivious to
the fact that i was staring at him.
-----"Well stranger, how bout if i take u back to the house for some supper,
and we can fix your car tommorrow, its getting late, be dark soon."
"You sure? I'd hate to trouble you"
-----"No, no, we'd be happy to have u, me and my old man that is"
"Well ok, whatever. I'd like to see the country out here, can u show it to
-----"Sure, we can just grab a couple of horses, and take a tour. Have u ever
ridden a horse?"
"Yeah, i did sometimes when i was young. I always liked the feeling of power
underneath me, it made me feel strong when i knew i could control it"
-----"Ok, lets get your stuff outta there, we wouldnt wanna leave it here"
He lifted my bags out of the car, as i stood, watching his muscles work. He
stepped up close to me, and took the one bag out of my hand, pouring himself,
and his wonderful masculine scent all over me. We both got into his truck, and
headed for his home.
"How far is it to your place?"
-----"Just a mile or so, we'll be right there"
He was not incorrect, his home was close, a quaint, but well maintained
farmhouse, set on the plain, a rock jutting from the hard ground. His father,
an older gentleman came out. He was a calm peaceful man, which was a welcome
change from the bigoted bastards i was used to dealing with on the plains.
-----"Howdy stranger!!!"
"Hello sir. My name is Brian, im from Washington, just passin thru, vacation
ya know"
-----"Ahhhh, i see. You work for th' Government?"
"Nope, i work for IBM, im a programmer"
-----"Oh, computin' person, eh? Never have used one of them things. Dont
understand them, too fancy for this old man"
He grinned, and chuckled. I liked him, he was a good person, one i could
actually learn to deal with.
"Its no big deal, just a piece of equipment."
And i knew the piece of equipment I wanted was in that sweet guys pants.
-----"My son Chris sez you got a busted car up the road a piece"
"Yeah, she overheates sometimes."
Hmmmm, so his name is Chris. I like that name.
-----"Well, that happens. You can stay here for the night. Chris, take Brian
in and show him where he can stay."
Chris led me into the tiny farmhouse, and up to a well-furnished bedroom.
-----"This is my room, but u can sleep here, we dont have a guest room"
"No, i can stay on the couch, i dont want to take your bed."
-----"Its ok, i dont mind, free nonude lolita topsite its only a night."
"Are you sure?"
"Ok, if u insist.."
I wasnt gonna argue with him, a free bed is a free bed. I laid down upon the
bed, feet thrown over the side, and Chris sat down beside me.
-----"You really a compooter programmer?"
-----"It must be fascinating."
He stared at me with the wild eyed wonder of a small child on Christmas
morning, so young looking, so innocent.
"Its a living. Its pretty cool sometimes"
-----"Ive always wanted to learn about computers."
"Perhaps someday u can."
He smiled. I thought i saw him staring at me. I could tell he was
inexperienced, he was like a child, clumsy in a way, but so sexy, and he didnt
know it. He had no conceit, no shame either. I lifted my hand up and stroked
across his back. He jumped slightly, but didnt seem to mind.
"You have a nice back Chris, so tan, and muscular."
"Yeah, i like it. Can i rub it for u, u look so tense."
I sat up and started rubbing his shoulders. They were tight, and really hot.
He smiled, and i knew that he had never had a real backrub before. I rubbed up
and down his back, letting my hands wander around a bit to the front. He was so
deprived, living out here in such a sheltered environment. He stood up,
shaking slightly.
-----"You still want to go sightseeing?"
"Yeah, I'd like that."
-----"Lets go, there's 2 horses out back."
He escorted me outside. Sure enough, there were 2 beautiful stallions hitched
to a post, a shiny black one, and a palomino. He gave me the reins to the
black one, and skillfully mounted the palomino.
-----"Don't worry, he's real gentle, his name is legal teen nymphet lolis
"He's a beautiful horse."
-----"Thanks, i try to keep him in good shape, i enjoy keeping horses."
We rode off, Chris pointing out various sights to me. It was a beautiful trip,
the country always has a lot to see, but i was more interested in Chris.
"Chris, do you always go without a shirt?"
-----"Yeah, in this weather, too hot to wear a shirt, and i get tan too."
This was no lie, he was golden brown and it didnt bother this city boy a bit.
We rode for quite a while, and eventually came upon a shady area, with a water
hole for the horses.
-----"Lets stop here for a bit, the horses need to rest."
"Ok, sounds fine."
We stopped, and both dismounted, he with professional skill. He tied the reins
to a tree, and began walking off a bit.
-----"Come over here, i wanna show you my favorite spot.
I followed, and there was a neat clearing, which i knew was where this farm boy
spent much of his free time.
"Its so peaceful out here."
-----"Yeah, thats why i like it, no one around to disturb you."
He sat down, and beckoned me to sit beside him. I didnt resist that offer, he
was too sexy to pass up. I knew that if i were ever to have a chance at this
boy, it had to be now. Gently i put my arm around him, and started caressing
his hot shoulder. He smiled for www young lolitas com
a second, but it soon passed.
-----"Why do u keep ukranian preteen naked lolitas touching me?"
"You looked tense, i wanted to relax you."
-----"But how can that be relaxing."
"I don't know, it just is."
-----"Everytime i turn around, somebody is touching me."
"Gee, does it bother you that much?"
-----"Its not that."
I noticed that tears were coming to his eyes.
"Chris, have you ever loved anyone before?"
-----"Just my parents, and Mom died five years free lolitas pics galleries ago."
"Im sorry."
-----"She was good to me."
"But you never felt close to anyone else."
"Chris, do you like girls?"
-----"I dont know, not really."
"What about video lolita sex links guys?"
-----"Sometimes i look at pictures in magazines, and i feel real ukranian preteen naked lolitas
close to the
person in the picture, like i wanna reach out and hold them."
"This is all so new for you isnt it? You've never had these feelings before,
have you? Its ok, really. You're a very cute guy, and im not sure that you
ever knew that. Do you find me attractive?"
-----"Well, yeah, sorta."
"Thats why you brought me out here, because you wanted to show me your special
place, show it to a person you care for."
-----"How did you know?"
"It wasn't that difficult to see. I can usually tell."
"I don't know, i just can."
-----"Do you think I'm cute? I mean, you know...."
"Yes, I think you're very sexy."
He smiled, and began to blush a little. I noticed that he was shaking
-----"Have you ever kissed anyone before?"
"Yeah, a few times."
-----"What's it like?"
"You've never kissed?"
-----"Uhh, well, no."
We gazed at each other, and slowly, our faces moved closer. Our lips met, and
I carefully directed my tongue into his hot wet mouth. He resisted at first,
but soon enough, he warmed to the feeling. I put my arms around his huge hot
chest and pulled him close to me, and i could smell his masculinity. He was
horny, and i had the cure for that.
-----"Can i take you're shirt off?"
"Of course."
He reached for the buttons, his hand shaking slightly. One by one, he
unfastened them, revealing my lolita nymphets top links golden chest. He caressed my pecks with his
strong hands, massaging them carefully. He was gentle in his touch, and his
hands were smooth, for a long time farm worker. I let him rub my shoulders,
and he was very good at it, he certainly didnt feel like an amateur to this
guy. I could tell by the lump in his jeans, that he was ready for more than
that. I reached out, and softly stroked his firm cock, feeling it pulsate,
even through his jeans. He moaned softly, and i knew that no one had ever
touched him there before. He was a virgin, and I was the devirginizer.
"Chris, do you want me to make you feel really good?"
"Just relax, and you'll see."
I unfastened the buttons holding his jeans closed, and pulled them down a bit.
He raised up enough to let me pull them completely off, revealing his muscular
legs. There was only a thin piece of fabric separating me from his love tool,
which was fully erect, and pulsating in rhythm with his quickening pulse.
I pulled his shorts back, and revealed his 8" of sweet love mass. Slowly, i
began stroking it, pulling the uncut foreskin over the glistening head. I bent
down and licked the lube off. I felt him quiver, it was a most powerful
sensation for him. I knew he was ready. I slid his throbbing cock into my hot
wet mouth, letting my teeth rake gently across the top. He was large, and he
felt good in my mouth. I sucked powerfully on him, knowing that this was
making him even hornier. He moaned loudly, and the primative thrusting
urge made him force his rod even further down my throat. I put my arm around
his strong waist, pulling him closer to me. I didn't want to stimulate him too
much, i knew he would cum too fast, and that would ruin it for both of us. I
pulled my head back and forth, gently teasing the hot mass with my teeth, and
licking the bottom with my wet tongue. I could tell he was enjoying this, he
was moaning very loudly, and his entire body was tense with passion and lust.
I knew it was only a matter of moments until this farm boy was to reach
manhood. I continued sucking powerfully, knowing that soon i would be enjoying
the fruit of my labors. I felt his entire body tense, and quiver, i knew it
was young smooth russian lolitas coming. He screamed, and sweet manhood came gushing, filling my cheeks. I
continued sucking, greedily drawing as much of the sweet fluid as i could. Too
soon, the rush stopped, and I withdrew, letting his now soft cock slide from my
mouth. I collapsed on top of him, burying my face into his heaving chest.
-----"What just happened?"
"You just became a man."
-----"Does this mean that I'm not a virgin anymore."
-----"It feels great."
"Yeah, I've always enjoyed being sucked off."
-----"Is that what it's called?"
"That, or a blow job."
-----"It was wonderful!!"
"It's a very powerful sensation."
-----"If I did what u did, would the same thing happen?"
"Oh yes, I love being sucked."
-----"Do you want me to do that?"
"Rest a bit, I'm exhausted, and I know you must be too."
-----"Yes, I feel tired, but wonderful."
"Uhhhhh, just hold me Chris."
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